It used to be that if a website was popular, it was becoming increasingly important for there to be a mobile version of the site available, too. However, I’m going to give you a story about a company who has turned that around on consumers. In other words, now a certain group of people are looking at a company who has released a mobile app wanting to know if there is going to be a browser based version for laptops.

This particular company, whose name I will leave out, is very popular and allows people to buy stocks without paying commission. It’s an app, and while they plan to release a version for laptops and desktops, currently the mobile app users command this part of the market. Since when do mobile users have the advantage? That is a good example of the impact of mobile friendly websites on consumers and the marketing of businesses.

Another company that is a Minneapolis Carpet Cleaning firm, is now looking to create an app that allows clients to set reminders and set appointments right on their mobile-friendly site, and their appointments more than doubled.

You are going to start seeing more examples just like this one where the mobile version is what comes out first. Not every popular mobile site is going to be available on other devices with traditional browsers. They are making more and more mobile apps, and the mobile market is definitely taking over. It’s going to take a few years for everything to play out, but it has happened quite quickly so far anyway.

Even the traditional browser based sites are starting to look more mobile friendly, with that mobile app feel. Have you noticed this? I have noticed it many times as sites keep going through a redesign to look more mobile friendly to begin with and not just separately. They understand where the market is moving, even though people will be holding onto their laptops still for quite some time. The line has to be drawn somewhere, right?