The overall impact of websites that are mobile friendly is overwhelming, in that most of us walk around most of our days and evenings with a smartphone in our hands. We use our phones for just about everything in regard to getting information of any kind, as it is so handy to do so.

Maps tell us where we are and where we are going. 70 per cent of all internet searches are now conducted from some sort of mobile device. So, if a website is not capable of being picked up on a mobile basis, it simply is like it does not even exist for a mobile user.

It is so convenient to have access to information at all times while you are out and about, that there is not much sense of attempting to use a desktop or laptop computer for all of your search needs.

If you are shopping for a certain brand of shoes while you are out, and you are not certain where to find them, or who carries them, the perfect thing to do is search while you are out doing other things as to where the nearest location might be that sells the shoes.

By the same token if it is time for lunch, you are going to pop up a search page for hoagie sandwiches, assuming that is your preference for the day. Or you can just ask Siri, the robotic “find everything” robot who lives inside of your iPhone. Siri will perform a very thorough search for you on the spot.

Most websites and developers are getting the message, so the majority of them are making their work is resulting in friendly search capabilities for mobile means. Otherwise, most of the people searching are never going to find them.