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The Future Impact Of Mobile-Friendly Websites

It’s actually past the time when you should have made sure that your website is friendly to mobile internet traffic. Just last year, the amount of mobile surpassed the number of searches performed upon traditional computers, and this trend is expected to continue. The biggest impact to websites that aren’t ready for mobile traffic is that they will lose traffic rapidly over time as internet users turn to mobile devices.

The Future Impact Of Making Websites Friendly To Mobile Traffic

It’s not just that people are using their mobile devices more to access the web. Many are almost exclusively using mobile phones and tablets, and they are not using laptops and desktops much at all. Without a mobile site, these potential customers will quickly get lost to competitors.

There are other good ways to use mobile traffic too. For example, many companies have worked to attract mobile visitors to their sites. In turn, they have tried to sign these visitors up to their text messaging lists. These work a lot like email lists used to work. However, they have proven to get quicker responses. (more…)

The Impact Mobile Friendly Websites Had on a Minneapolis Carpet Cleaning company

It used to be that if a website was popular, it was becoming increasingly important for there to be a mobile version of the site available, too. However, I’m going to give you a story about a company who has turned that around on consumers. In other words, now a certain group of people are looking at a company who has released a mobile app wanting to know if there is going to be a browser based version for laptops.

This particular company, whose name I will leave out, is very popular and allows people to buy stocks without paying commission. It’s an app, and while they plan to release a version for laptops and desktops, currently the mobile app users command this part of the market. Since when do mobile users have the advantage? That is a good example of the impact of mobile friendly websites on consumers and the marketing of businesses.

Another company that is a Minneapolis Carpet Cleaning firm, is now looking to create an app that allows clients to set reminders and set appointments right on their mobile-friendly site, and their appointments more than doubled.

You are going to start seeing more examples just like this one where the mobile version is what comes out first. Not every popular mobile site is going to be available on other devices with traditional browsers. They are making more and more mobile apps, and the mobile market is definitely taking over. It’s going to take a few years for everything to play out, but it has happened quite quickly so far anyway.

Even the traditional browser based sites are starting to look more mobile friendly, with that mobile app feel. Have you noticed this? I have noticed it many times as sites keep going through a redesign to look more mobile friendly to begin with and not just separately. They understand where the market is moving, even though people will be holding onto their laptops still for quite some time. The line has to be drawn somewhere, right?

Understanding the Impact of Mobile-Friendly Websites

If you want to make sure that your website ranks as well as possible in the search engines, hen you need to pay attention to mobile friendliness. Mobile friendly websites perform better in the rankings because of the importance of mobile users. More and more of the population of the western world is using smartphones to search for information about businesses and bricks and mortar stores while they are on-the-go, and Google’s Local Search feature reflects this.

If your website is mobile friendly, then it is more likely to rank well in the search engines when someone uses their phone to search, and if you provide things like ‘click to call’ and address data using semantic markup, then this will be reflected in the results – along with things like the search results showing whether or not your premises is open at the time.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to make a site mobile friendly these days – indeed, if you are using a popular content management system such as WordPress, you might find that your website is already fairly mobile-friendly out of the box. (more…)

What Is The Impact Of Mobile Friendly Websites?

Do you have a website? Is it set up to be friendly to mobile users? If it isn’t, it really should be. More and more people are choosing to surf the World Wide Web with their mobile devices. If they happen upon a website that is clunky, hard to navigate, and just difficult to look at, chances are they will leave and probably won’t come back. Should you want to improve your site, you should make it mobile friendly, and here is why:

First of all, those who use their mobile devices prefer to use sites that are easy to use. For instance, visiting a website that is optimized for mobile devices, the user will be able to easily navigate the site. Not only that, but they will be able to see the pictures, read the content, and more. Should they not be able to do this, it won’t leave a good taste in their mouth.

Another impact of mobile friendly websites is search engine ranking. The major search engines are taking notice of web pages and their mobile friendliness. (more…)

The Impact of Mobile Friendly Websites

The overall impact of websites that are mobile friendly is overwhelming, in that most of us walk around most of our days and evenings with a smartphone in our hands. We use our phones for just about everything in regard to getting information of any kind, as it is so handy to do so.

Maps tell us where we are and where we are going. 70 per cent of all internet searches are now conducted from some sort of mobile device. So, if a website is not capable of being picked up on a mobile basis, it simply is like it does not even exist for a mobile user.

It is so convenient to have access to information at all times while you are out and about, that there is not much sense of attempting to use a desktop or laptop computer for all of your search needs.

If you are shopping for a certain brand of shoes while you are out, and you are not certain where to find them, or who carries them, the perfect thing to do is search while you are out doing other things as to where the nearest location might be that sells the shoes.

By the same token if it is time for lunch, you are going to pop up a search page for hoagie sandwiches, assuming that is your preference for the day. Or you can just ask Siri, the robotic “find everything” robot who lives inside of your iPhone. Siri will perform a very thorough search for you on the spot.

Most websites and developers are getting the message, so the majority of them are making their work is resulting in friendly search capabilities for mobile means. Otherwise, most of the people searching are never going to find them.

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